Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Infiniti's Luxurious 2015 Long-Wheelbase Q70 Is No Stretch of the Imagination

Infiniti has revealed details of its latest Q70, updated for the 2015 model year with a subtle
styling refresh and the option of a long-wheelbase model. These join a full lineup of standard safety features to ensure the Q70 remains competitive in an ever more advanced market sector.

Only a close inspection will reveal most of the car's exterior changes, as the Q70 largely retains Infiniti's signature flowing curves and sharply-contoured hips as before. The Q70 does get a new set of headlights though, and a redesigned "double arch" grille has a new three-dimensional look thanks to its waved mesh finish. The front bumper has also been reworked, with new foglight units integrated into a chrome detail low on the bumper.

At the rear, there are additional subtle changes, with a distinctive LED signature highlighting each unit. The top of the trunk lid has been flattened off and the bumper slimmed down in an attempt to make the car look longer and lower. Throw in a redesigned chrome strip and you're there, while sport models get a new, wider front bumper, a set of 20-inch alloy wheels and low-profile tires, and an "athletic" rear bumper design finished in high gloss black. The upshot of all this work is a low drag coefficient—from 0.26 for the hybrid to 0.28 on the Sport.
Time out. For those of you who are confused (like we are at acardealer.com), the new Q70 model is the same flagship luxury sedan that used to be badged "M."

Okay, back to information about the new Q70 long wheelbase. The main difference you will notice is a whopping extra 5.9 inches of legroom in the rear compartment. Knee room is increased to 32.4 inches, a class-best figure, while slipping in and out is made easier by larger rear doors with an auto-closing feature. Other rear-seat features include heated seats, reading lights and a 12v power outlet.

To crystallize our impression, we see the Q70 as artful, sporty and luxurious, though it is a large sedan, and now even larger. But it's a serious competitor in its class and we urge you take a close look at the new Q and explore the positive impression it makes on you.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Public Seems Split on the Attributes of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA 250

At acardealer.com, we think the latest C-Class looks great—the entry level car is a stunner, in our opinion.

But what about the rest of the vehicle?

The experts say the attributes (or lack thereof) are being hotly debated at this moment across America.

For example, reports indicate owners are vigorously criticizing the CLA's overall ride quality. The consensus is this: Mercedes engineers have created a very firm front end with a softer, easier-to-slide rear, probably as a way to imitate a rear-drive feel from this front-drive chassis. The unfortunate downside is that the front springs and dampers are probably ten to twenty percent too firm to be comfortable in routine driving, especially when your routine treks involve treacherous potholes.

On the other hand, the handling is precise—and that's the positive side of the equation.
Mercedes' entry-level luxury car provides precision steering and handling, as well as overall driving dynamics that are as good or better than other sedans and coupes in the segment.

Despite their more sporting character, the Sport variants offer a firm but still perfectly damped ride and the ability to tackle long road trips with ease. Just steer clear of the potholes. The Luxury variants ride a little softer and have a quieter exhaust system, resulting in a more serene driving environment.

In powerplant terms, the C-250's four-cylinder isn't as potent as the turbocharged fours in the Audi A4/A5 or BMW 328i sedan, yet it is a quiet and refined power plant that proves there's no shame at all in opting for the base model C-Class.

That feeling of speed is never particularly dazzling, however, even when flinging the Benz around, in part because the super-quiet cabin is rarely intruded upon by a strong note from the exhaust. The CLA-250 isn't meant to be a sports car so much as fashionable
near-coupe, so the tuning is probably spot-on for the intended audience, even if it may disappoint the most enthusiastic drivers.

Ultimately, unlike the ultra-expensive SLS AMG, S-Class and C63 AMG, this CLA-250 is a car that many of us could sign a lease on, probably tomorrow. To make that happen, you'd have to submit to its well-sorted front-drive dynamics, firm ride, oddly perched navigation screen and chin-heavy styling. You'd get in return a rather flashy small luxury car, with a rakish roofline, a pleasant powertrain and that strong family pedigree. Only personal preferences would make that a square deal or highway robbery – so let the commentary rage on.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ford's Cool Raptor Pickup May Be a Year Away, But We See an Aluminum Body in Its Future

Judging from recent spy shots, Ford is indeed working on the next generation of its off-road-ready F-150 Raptor pickup truck. At acardealer.com, we love the Baja-style truck, which combines most of the usability of a full-size truck with heavy-duty suspension components to make a one-of-a-kind performance vehicle that is absolutely unique in the market.

2014 is speeding along, so chances are, the Raptor will debut as a 2016 model. We're willing to wait for its outrageous, rugged-terrain goodness.

In historical terms, there’s no question that the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor has been a total off-road beast since it was first launched in 2010. No other factory truck has ever
come close to being able to do what the Raptor can. It was designed to haul the mail across desert two-tracks filled with whoops while also being able to crawl through tough trails. The Raptor has proven it can handle anything from sand, rocks, mud, silt and even snow all without sacrificing its great handling characteristics on the highway.

The question is, how much of the next-generation Ford Raptor will be made from aluminum, how far would a several-hundred-pound reduction in weight stretch the truck's already class-leading off-road performance, and will Ford continue using naturally aspirated V8 engines or would it consider switching to a six-cylinder EcoBoost? While we continue to delve into these thoughts, feel free to join us in hoping and
wishing that this new Raptor hits the market sooner rather than later.

In the meantime we can look forward to the awesome new 90% aluminum standard Ford F-150 coming this fall, in 2015 form. As mentioned in this blog previously, the new F-150 will be made of military-grade, high-strength aluminum and it will be powered by industry-leading six-cylinder Eco-Boost powerplants. We think it will be a big game-changer in the competitive pickup segment, and we look forward (very much) to a test-drive.

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