Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Auto Makers Boast Double-Digit Sales Gains for April, 2011

Attractive new designs from Kia and Hyundai helped the two Korean car makers achieve sales increases of 56% and 40% respectively. While that is impressive, American manufacturers produced solid gains as well. Ford and Chevy each tacked on 25% better numbers for April this year compared to April, 2010.

The GMC division did itself proud with a 28+% gain year over year. But perhaps most surprising is the Buick marque which posted a whopping 51% increase. Lagging behind most everyone was domestic maker Chrysler, who lost almost 9% in sales in April 2011. Even legendary maker
Toyota stumbled in April, coming in with just over a 2% rise worldwide with just less than 142,000 units sold.

once a proud number one in the world, now resides as a solid third-place contender. In the month just ended, Chevy registered 169, 794 sales while Ford came out on top with 182,542.

These numbers definitely indicate that the made-in-America automobile renaissance continues to have positive momentum. At, we look forward to tracking their progress.