Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spy Shots of 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Test-Drive in Germany

Jeep Grand Cherokee fans have reason to cheer. Cameras caught Jeep's important new model working hard at the famous Nurburgring race track in the heart of Germany.

The question is, why would the Chrysler crew go to the trouble of lapping the popular SUV at everyone's favorite test circuit when the familiar facilities in Michigan are so close at hand? Ah, but it appears there is method to the testing madness.

It most likely centers on the Grand Cherokee's new adaptive air suspension. Called Quadra-Lift, the system will let drivers choose from a number of settings that will either raise or lower the 2011 truck's ride height according to the road conditions. While there will be two settings for
blazing your own trail, including one that raises the truck by a hefty 2.6 inches, the system also features an aero setting that lowers the vehicle by around half an inch.

That's what is undoubtedly going on in the above photo, as the Grand Cherokee is hunkered down rounding one of the Nurburgring's infamous turns.

What may be of more interest to everyday Jeep lovers is that Chrysler's legendary people-hauler will debut with a nice choice of engines for navigating the byways near your home.
When the much-anticipated 2011 Grand Cherokee finally hits the market, buyers should be able to choose from a number of engines depending on where they call home. Word is V6 and V8 options will be available here in the states, while buyers in other parts of the world will be able to opt for a clean burning diesel.

From what we see here, the stylish new SUV's looks will not let down the vehicle's locomotion.