Friday, January 29, 2010

Recall mania might be an opportunity

No one can feel good when their car is recalled. Especially when it has a safety factor. Toyota dealers are doing their best to get the word out on this situation so their customers can relax a bit. It is my understanding that many models are not affected under this recall and that various models are still available for sale.

Looking on the bright side of this just may pay off for those shopping for a car now. GM & Ford have just announced “conquest” incentives up to $1000 or discount financing to anyone trading a Toyota—call or contact them for details. Certainly if you have been looking at one of their products and own a Toyota you might at least see how this helps the bottom line.

For those Toyota shoppers—as stated, several models are unaffected by the recall so this maybe a great time to make your best deal on a coveted model. One of those is the all new ‘10 4Runner —certainly one of the best frame on SUVs on the market. Bargain hunters should take a few minutes to query your local dealers—you just might benefit from all the mania.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nash Chevy in Lawrenceville

Last Friday I was out visiting several of our dealers. In the late afternoon I stopped in to see the good folks at Nash Chevy just south of Lawrenceville, Georgia, on Scenic Highway. It's a very large dealership with well over three paved acres and a variety of buildings including a large showroom, service department and body shop, it also boasts one of the largest GM parts warehouses in Georgia. Nash is an institution, having opened in 1955 —that's 54+ years of selling a classic American brand.

I grew up in a Chevy household too, my father worked for my mother's uncle at Ed Stinn Chevrolet in Cleveland Ohio in the 60's and he owned his own Chevy store in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. As a boy I dreamed of big block Corvettes and SS Camaros. It was a pleasure to see that although everything has changed—the tradition of performance and clean design remains.

The all new Camaro is a wonderful looking car with hints of the original upright muscular pony car plus a good portion of modern technology. Nash had three brand new models parked under their overhang next to the showroom. Another new model that caught my eye was the 2010 Equinox crossover. Again, this is a typical clean, direct looking Chevy design with just the right amount of chrome and style. Nash was delivering one to a young women who was obviously delighted as they took her picture next to its slippery shape. It gets up to an amazing 32MPG on the highway and looks like it has plenty of space inside.

I'm a sucker for trucks and after visiting with manager Mike Sadlock, I walked out past an entire collection of commercial trucks they have on the lot—big dumps, utility bodies, and several lines of thee quarter ton and larger Silverados all sparkling in the afternoon sun. I just had to take some shots. What can I say...cut me and I bleed bow ties.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Atlanta Auto Dealer Ads a useful tool.

If you are reading this blog you have stumbled on a new idea in automotive marketing. Atlanta Auto Dealers Ads is designed with car shoppers in mind. Avoid the hassle of trying to search for individual dealer sites so you can compare a price or look for information. This site does it all for you.

Every Atlanta area dealer is listed with links to their individual sites. Once you are there you can flip back and forth to compare prices and services. Think of it as a virtual auto mall online...from new Acuras to new Volvos and everything in between. You’ll find multiple listings for Atlanta Toyota dealers, and Atlanta Honda dealers. Plus every Atlanta Chevrolet dealer and Atlanta Ford Dealer.

Another great benefit is being able to cross-shop—for example look at a new Audi A4 model and quickly check out a new BMW 325 sedan—no more typing in searches and checking through pages of listings.
Many of the dealers listed also have special Mini-Sites that are tailored to this format and offer deals you can’t find else ware.

Take a look at Roswell Infiniti—each new Infiniti has its own page with a description, price and a payment. It’s like a newspaper ad with interactive features. At t
he bottom of each page is a direct e-mail link to the dealer. Use it to ask for more information or if you’ve decided to buy—just tell them to get your new FX cleaned and ready to pick up! Shopping for a new Mercedes-Benz? Atlanta Classic Cars does a great job updating their site and has a Flash page directly linked here.

If you’re looking for a new Toyota, try Sandy Springs Toyota... they also have a Mini-Site with every model. The nice thing is that there is no one rushing you, no pressure—take your time and make the best decision.
Atlanta Auto Dealer Ads is convenient, easy and best of all, free. Even if you don’t need a new or used car now it can give you vital information and help finding a dealer in your area for service, parts, or even a body shop. Bookmark it and pass it on to your family and friends!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Detriot Auto Show this Week

The North American Auto Show started Monday in Detroit. This year’s show appears to be a bit better as the economy recovers from its downturn in ‘09. Although the domestic manufacturers have been hit hard it looks like they still have some interesting if not particularly innovative designs in the pipeline.

The new large Cadillac concept—dubbed the XTS Platinum is a good example. It appears to be a stunning design meant to compete with rear-wheel drive S-Class Mercedes’ and 7 Series BMWs The most recent Caddys are once again evoking some passion in consumers—it is a shame that it took GM decades to realize that copying ideas in a unique way can be a good thing. That said, the car is still years off and the market swings so quickly that everything just might change again.

Certainly fossil fuel cost has a lot to do with the way designers are designing—not just cars either. Houses, boats, and even clothes have all been affected by the trend. Small cars are very evident in the show this year with new GM designs and Fiat/Chrysler 500’s certain to be hitting American roads soon.

The problem is that when gas prices went back down most people predictably forgot the panic of close to $5 a gallon. Small cars are not selling all that well, and now as most of manufactures have new designs just about to be released there appears to be little interest. One big factor may be the newly
passed higher MPG requirements that will force makers to produce and sell large amounts of compacts to keep their corporate fuel averages as high as possible.

This small car glut will cause them to sell at little profit and likely with the help of large customer incentives as well. It's ironic that they may have to depend on Mid-East Sheiks to help them out by cutting oil production once again.

Thanks to for the manufacturers photos.
Atlanta Auto Dealer Ads on was the allowed me to visit several dealers off one more searching for hours just to find dealer ads or web sites!